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William Randolph Hearst’s company at 125

By Chris Daly 

The Hearst Corp has decided to give itself a big birthday — 125.

That is predicated on the fairly arbitrary starting point of March 4, 1887, the date on which young William Randolph Hearst took over the management of his father’s newspaper, the San Francisco Examiner. It’s as good a date as any, I suppose, although it was another two decades before WRH really started building the media empire that still endures. Hearst, naturally, looms large in my new book on the history of journalism, Covering America, since his career lasted from 1887 almost to his death in 1951.

Fun fact: Hearst opposed U.S. intervention in WWI, and he came under attack from Wilson and his supporters. On the defensive about his loyalty, Hearst literally became a flag-waver: he ordered the editors of all his newspapers to print little American flags on the upper corners of every front page.

Don’t miss the great visuals in the slideshow and video in the company’s anniversary page. Hearst Corp., by the way, is one of the biggest privately held media companies in the U.S., owning everything from TV stations to Cosmopolitan and O magazines.

Courtesy, Hearst Corp.

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Hearst Heir Dies at 77

By Chris Daly 

Today’s papers bring news of the death of John R. Hearst, Jr., a grandson of media mogul William Randolph Hearst and a key figure in the management of the Hearst Corp., one of the largest privately held news media companies. Known as “Bunky,” the late Mr. Hearst was a member of the Hearst Corp. board of directors, a trustee of the family trust, and a director of the Hearst Foundation. That array of titles meant that Bunky had a hand in how the Hearst empire made its money, how the family controlled it, and how the company gave away some of its extra money.

Here is the AP version (as it appeared the today’s Boston Globe).

Here is the sanitized version released by Hearst Corp.

Here is an unbylined version in the LA Times, which keeps track of the Hearsts, which makes sense, given their vast real estate holdings in California.

"Bunky" Hearst/ photo by AP/ 1962

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