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Another online news source?

It’s Monday, so. . .


David Carr likes BuzzFeed. Like him, I am delighted to see any new outfit that A) makes money and B) hires journalists to do original reporting.

Personally, I think the BuzzFeed homepage is ugly. Does that count for anything?

The takeaway from Carr’s column:

Sitting in the coffee area of BuzzFeed’s offices on West 21st Street in Manhattan, he [BuzzFeed creator Jonah Peretti] pointed out that there is nothing more viral than news that no one else has, so it makes sense to create some.

Hmmm… Is he onto something?


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Imagine that!

by Chris Daly

Another aggregagtor, BuzzFeed, has decided that there is a secret formula to getting noticed: generate original content. 

Today’s Times informs that BuzzFeed has hired Ben Smith away from Politico to do just that.

Here’s the plan:

The reporters will be scoop generators, Mr. Peretti said. “By breaking scoops and drawing attention,” he added, they will help increase traffic and, by extension, advertising sales.


Isn’t that pretty much the basic idea since the time of the Penny Press in the 1830s?



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