Who will own the Boston Globe?

An update on the bidding for the Boston Globe (and other properties being sold by the New York Times Co.).

The deadline for bidding was yesterday. The Globe itself reports that there were at least six bids submitted — including one that I did not preview in my earlier post: Red Sox co-owner John Henry and his Fenway Sports Group. (Wow — could the Globe pay any more attention to the Sox than they do now?)

According to the Globe, the Kraft group dropped out of the bidding, which means the region’s newspaper will not be owned by the region’s NFL franchise owner. Phew.

Here’s the Reuters version.

Stay tuned.


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3 responses to “Who will own the Boston Globe?

  1. David

    After the Hernandez arrest, Kraft may have decided he has had too much press coverage of the Pats.

    Although I am a sports fan, I would happily agree to teams buying newspapers if they left the rest of the paper alone vs. the Democratic politicians and developers who bought the Philly Inquirer, Al Gore selling out to give Qatar a cable channel; the Murdoch agenda-driven empire; or the Koch brothers realizing how much more effective their propaganda would be if presented via media outlets as “news”, rather than ads.

    I wonder if Whitey and Billy Bulger discussed getting some pals to buy the Globe before the Times bought it?


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