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Shameless self-promotion (Journalism history division)

By Christopher B. Daly

Finally, it’s here: the electronic version of my book about the history of U.S. journalism, Covering America.

Just in time for the anniversary of the rollout of the hardback, this prize-winning book is now available in all major formats:



Apple iBook, (This is the format I am checking it out on, and it looks great.)

Google Play,

you name it.

I am very pleased because I know that some folks have been waiting for the e-book. These formats make the book quite a bit cheaper and dramatically lighter! For people who don’t feel drawn to the ~$50 hardcover, here’s your chance to read Covering America. The book won the 2012 Prose Award for Media and Cultural Studies, and it has been selling well and drawing rave reviews (except for one stinker on Amazon — sheesh).

Enjoy it, and write to me about your reactions. You can comment here, or email me:

CA cover final






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The business end

of the media business is at stake in a new auction being planned by the FCC. Here’s an update from today’s Boston Globe.

Here is a link to the FCC website (which should have been supplied by the Globe but was not).

Here is a pretty good Wikipedia backgrounder (which also should have been a link in the Globe article; Sheesh, don’t they realize they are publishing on the web?).

Here’s an incredibly complicated visual rendering of spectrum allocation.


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Free(r) Radio

By Chris Daly

Radio in the United States has not really been free since Congress passed the Radio Act of 1927 and got in to the business of regulating over-the-air broadcasting.

In a little-noticed good move, President Obama recently signed the Local Community Radio Act, which does not take us all the way back to the wide-open early days of radio but at least makes it possible for people of modest means to get back into the business of radio. The FCC can now start issuing licenses for 100-watt stations.

So, push those buttons on your radio that say “scan” or “search” or whatever and see if you can find some programming not cooked up by some corporate radio giant like Clear Channel.

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