Hockey the way it’s supposed to be: on a pond

By Christopher B. Daly 

Thanks to the New York Times for (finally) recognizing one of the truly great winter sports — pond hockey. Not the professional kind, played in a rink with endless body-checking and regular fistfights. I am talking about hockey played on a frozen pond, with no refs, no boards, no checking, and no fighting. To my way of thinking, playing on a pond distills the essence of hockey — a game of flow that emphasizes skating, stick-handling, and teamwork. 

NYT Photo

NYT Photo

Here’s an essay I wrote a while back celebrating the joys of skating on New England’s ponds.

Enjoy, then lace ’em up!


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3 responses to “Hockey the way it’s supposed to be: on a pond

  1. sthrendyle

    Haha things could get pretty i tense on our family rink!


  2. Chris,
    My start-up Apollo Media Group did a series of videos for the NE Pond Hockey Classic. Wondering if you can post this to you subscribers!
    Day 1-3 and Finale


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