The Monday round-up

Here’s the latest from David Carr, about the iconography of beheading.





Here’s the new issue of Common-Place, a terrific site about history, complete with a mystery story about a “missing” congressional election in Massachusetts in 1814. Hmmm. . . 



Here’s a discussion on NPR’s “On Point” about my friend and colleague Mitch Zuckoff’s new book on Benghazi.


Here’s an inconclusive report on the resignation of the executive editor of Politico. (Reminder: one of the “5 W’s of journalism” is “WHY?”) Hmmm. . .


Here’s where the Times‘ public editor Margaret Sullivan wrestles with the issues raised by doing “profiles in the news.” 1101330313_400


(Preview: not all the people journalists cover are admirable; deal with it.)





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One response to “The Monday round-up

  1. David

    The most intriguing aspect of Sullivan’s piece is that all of the reader complaints about profiles being too favorable she cites come from the left, as if no Times reader had ever similarly attacked a profile of a progressive, which is belied every day in the online comments on Times pieces.

    As Sullivan’s political perspective is clearly left of center, this raises the question of whether she ignores complaints from the right or her feature has become a preacher and choir situation where conservative readers have written her off as too biased to consider their grievances.


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