Abolish the NCAA (cont.)

By Christopher B. Daly

Mark me as skeptical on this one. Today’s NYTimes is declaring that the NCAA is on the verge of epochal change. I’ll believe it when I see it.

If more professional sports want to establish farm leagues and pay young athletes, so be it.

If more college students want to get out and exercise, so much the better.

The fact is, the NCAA has never come up with an answer to this question: what educational purpose does inter-collegiate athletics serve?



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One response to “Abolish the NCAA (cont.)

  1. David

    Defenders will say sports teaches hard work, team work, discipline, etc–as if excelling at chemistry or creative writing does not.

    Nonetheless, have you considered why the much less corrupt non-revenue producing sports–field hockey, crew, swimming, etc– should be abolished over the objections of the athletes involved?

    Finally, a largely ignored aspect of this debate is that having observed Ivy League sports, I think it is more honest for Alabama to admit its extraordinary football players over somewhat more qualified students than for Harvard to admit much worse football players over much more qualified students.


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