Journalists and drones

By Christopher B. Daly 

As with any new technology, aerial drones can be put to many uses, as a story in today’s Times details. They were introduced as a high-tech supplement to America’s military and spy arsenal. DRONE-popupBut now, some clever journalists are coming up with ways to turn drones to their own needs. After all, they are comparatively cheap (relative to, say, the cost of buying or renting a helicopter), highly effective, and in many cases, still legal.

I think it would be poetic justice if the NYTimes bought a drone and stationed it above the CIA headquarters in Langley, Va., or if the Guardian bought one and parked it above the NSA. Just to keep an eye on things and “watch the watchers.”

(note to spymasters and prosecutors: Just kidding!)

Secret stuff. You probably shouldn't even be looking at this.

Secret stuff. You probably shouldn’t even be looking at this.

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