Stop the presses: The rich head to court

By Christopher B. Daly 

It is heartwarming, I suppose, to think that the legacy media created fortunes that were big enough to fight over. Today’s Times brings word of a classic intergenerational brawl among the well-to-do, involving how to spread the wealth created by the Hudson News empire. Who knew that there was so much money to be made selling Vogue and Esquire in airport terminals?

In this case, I’m not actually sure whom to root for. (The news coverage would benefit from an infographic or two, beginning with a family tree.) It is a bench trial in New Jersey Superior Court, so pretty much anything goes. I guess I’ll side with Samantha Perelman, on the grounds that youth must be served. Besides, one of her attorneys is a former college classmate — Paul K. Rowe. Now a super-litigator, Rowe comes by his media credentials honestly: he was an editor of the Harvard Crimson.


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