Obama wavering on secrecy

By Christopher B. Daly

Slowly, but perhaps inevitably, President Obama is yielding to public pressure and taking baby steps toward the transparency he promised all along. He has said he will allow the leaders of the House andimgres3 Senate Intelligence Committees to look at the legal memo that purports to justify the administration’s policy of killing Americans overseas under certain conditions using unmanned drones.

Can a leak of the document be far behind?

Even after that happens (as seems equally inevitable), I want to know:

–What authorizes Obama to make this policy on his own?

–What authorizes Obama to pick the targets for assassination?

–What authorizes Obama to hide this policy and dribble it out only when cornered by the people?

He was supposed to be a leader in the campaign for transparency, not a reluctant truant. Oh, well. Sometimes the people have to lead the leaders.

Famous drone target.

Famous drone target.

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