Reporting on gun violence and gun control (cont.)

By Christopher B. Daly

This is a huge, sprawling topic that is also something of a moving target. So, here are some more sources for journalists to consult. If you are involved in covering these issues and you come across other helpful sites, please leave a comment below, or email me and I will update.

More from the Journalist’s Resource project at Harvard:

*On gun policies:

*Global look at gun-homicide connection:

*On violent video games:

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What do historians make of the whole issue? That is a big, complicated tale. The subject has been almost as controversial among historians as it has been among politicians.

Here’s an intro to a recent controversy in the scholarship over gun ownership.

And here’s the major critic, Clayton Cramer. (But beware of link rot!)

Here is the report by Emory University on its own professor’s work.






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