Reporting on gun violence and gun control (cont.)


By Christopher B. Daly 


In the wake of the massacre at the elementary school in Newtown, Conn., here are some more resources for reporters, editors, and users of news sites.


–The Journalist’s Resource at Harvard’s Shorenstein Center has added a new post with many new links.


–Before anyone needlessly piles onto people with Asperger’s Syndrome, here is the website of the Asperger’s Assn of New England, which has lots of resources for learning about the condition. The AANE has also issued a statement specifically addressing the Newtown case.



–Here are some links to research done by researchers at the Berkman Center on meanness and cruelty (in case those issues are relevant here, and they may not be; I am trying to cast a wide net).


–Here is the homepage of the NRA. (Yes, it looks like the opening of the Colbert Report, but that’s Colbert’s point, isn’t it?)


–Here is the homepage for a leading gun-control organization, the Brady Campaign.











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