New Boston Globe website

By Chris Daly 

After months of planning, the Boston Globe unveiled its new website today. On first impression, I am impressed. I have tried it on a desktop, on a laptop, and on an iPhone, and it worked well across all platforms. (I will try my iPad as soon as I get home.)

The look is, as promised, very sharp and uncluttered. It looks a lot like the version of its parent publication NYTimes when viewed through a special extension on Chrome called Ochs.

Early reviews of the Globe site are in from Nieman Journalism Lab, from my friend and Northeastern journalism professor Dan Kennedy, and from my BU colleague and online guru Michelle Johnson.

For now, all I will add is these two thoughts:

–I wish the Globe well in tapping a new revenue stream. (They need one!) Original reporting ain’t cheap, and it should not be free.

–For now, I would say it is a good start, but it’s probably too soon to really judge.


Stay tuned.


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