By Chris Daly

On the morning after the election, here is a question about the news media’s coverage of this election season:

What do the following all have in common?

Meg Whitman

Tom Tancredo

Carl Paladino

Carly Fiorina

Linda McMahon

Christine O’Donnell

Sharron Angle

Joe Miller*

For one thing, they are all Republicans.

For another thing, they all lost.

They all also enjoyed a bump from the news media that touted their candidacies. Each one was presented at one point or another as a serious contender for an important statewide office. Granted, some of these races were close. But it has to be asked: how is it that as recently as last weekend, someone could have gotten the impression from major media outlets that most or all of these people were going to win? Did reporters not understand the electorate in those states? Did they know but prefer a different narrative?



*In Alaska, they are still counting votes, but Miller was running well behind the write-in candidate.


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