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News beyond newspapers

By Chris Daly

I heard a terrific piece today on WBUR, the local NPR affiliate. It was about “Toys for Elephants” — a project by students from the Massachusetts College of Art who took up the challenge of designing play objects for two mature elephants who live at the Buttonwood Park Zoo in New Bedford.

Here’s a link to the story by reporter Vicki Croke and producer George Hicks. (I hope I have that division of labor right, but it’s probably murkier than that.) It presents a really rich blend of multi-media: sound, still photos, video, and words.

Try that with your print newspaper!

[Actually, the Boston Globe did a version of the same story back in April, then posted a video version on the paper’s website. It’s a fine piece, too, but not as rich as the ‘BUR version.)

I don’t know anything about elephants, but these seem like two happy, engaged creatures.

Ruth and Emily /  photo by Susan Hagner for WBUR

Ruth, 54, and Emily, 49. / photo by Susan Hagner for WBUR

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