Chris Daly is a writer, journalist, professor, and historian.

I live near Boston and teach at Boston University. Before that, I worked for many years for The Associated Press and for The Washington Post, where I was the New England correspondent.

A while back, I helped to write a book called Like A Family: The Making of a Southern Cotton Mill World. I am very pleased that it is still in print.

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  1. You may find this new book of portraits of Vietnam war journalists of interest:

    The Polaroid Portraits – Indochina 1972-1975



    Click on the camera at the bottom of the page to view the entire book


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  3. Charles N. Davis


    Enjoying your blog! Thought you might want mine as a resource…all things FOI




  4. Don’t know if you cover much Canadian journalism news or not but a plagiarism scandal has been brewing at Canada’s most authoritative newspaper, the Globe & Mail. Good fodder, here – what standard should columnists be held to when writing stories about other people’s work? Methinks the long knives are out because Wente skews rightward in her political leanings (and is in fact American, I believe…) http://www.thejournalismdoctor.ca/Blog.php/wentegate


  5. Professor Daly! Congrats on the book 🙂 Last we spoke I was en route from a quiet life in Holland to a crazy one in China. In London now… will pick your book up as soon I hand in my dissertation and can actually enjoy a good read. Hope all is well and BU kids are as awesome as ever.


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