Fox News: is bad news worse than no news at all?

Here is a graphic from a NYTimes op-ed  distilling a 2012 study conducted by researchers in the PublicMind project at Fairleigh Dickinson University. 

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One response to “Fox News: is bad news worse than no news at all?

  1. David

    Without knowing what the questions were, it is hard to judge the significance of this. For example, by picking areas where Fox viewers have either preconceived ideas or ideas where Fox has tried to spread falsehoods (for example, whether Obama is a Muslim, extending the debt ceiling applies to future spending or voter ID fraud is common), you can skew the answers.

    Note, too, that talk radio, which is heavily skewed to the right, fares better than MSNBC or CNN.

    Perhaps Limbaugh and Beck should proclaim: “Study shows that millions of taxpayer dollars spent on NPR yield viewers not significantly better informed than those who watch no news at all.”


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