New owner of Boston Globe: John Henry

By Christopher B. Daly

So, now we know: the new owner of the Boston Globe is John W. Henry II, a Boston-based investor who owns the Boston Red Sox and the Liverpool soccer club. Henry (not the legendary “steel-drivin’ man” of the contest against a images-1steam engine) is a son of soybean farmers who dropped out of college and made a fortune in commodity trading and other investments.

In recent years, he turned his interests to owning sports franchises and now, he is taking over ownership of the largest news organization in New England. I have no idea what his intentions are (or how he plans to handle the massive conflict of interest that Globe journalists will suffer when reporting on his other ventures). But I wish him well.





The sale completes a chapter in the long history of the New York Times, which bought the Globe 20 years ago for $1.1 billion — a record in U.S. newspaper sales. The Times owners, primarily the Sulzberger family, were forced to sell the Globe for a mere $70 million in cash (which is the kind of money that guys like John Henry spend on a house or two). In other words, the stewards of the most important journalistic institution in America just took a bath of more than $1 billion, which they could scarcely afford to lose. I don’t know how Arthur Sulzberger Jr. remains on speaking terms with his cousins.





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2 responses to “New owner of Boston Globe: John Henry

  1. David

    I find it amusing that so many are concerned about a sports team owning the Globe. Yes, Boston fans are passionate about sports and the Sox are a major business–but if the era of family owned, journalism-only media is over, I care far less about biased Sox coverage than biased coverage of the Murdoch Empire and other media behemoths (such as the owners of ABC, NBS and CBS); politicians or business groups with vast local interests. These days, what other choices exist? A Harvard-MIT consortium funded by their vast endowments? A mega Pro Publica (itself funded by the rich)? A charitable foundation or retired business mogul?


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