Bulger loses one

By Christopher B. Daly

Good to see: Whitey Bulger lost his attempt to use the rules of trial procedure to exclude two Boston Globe journalists from covering his murder trial. He tried to place Shelley Murphy and Kevin Cullen on his witness list, then claimed that, as witnesses, they cannot attend his trial.

Kudos to Judge Denise Casper, who brushed that one off and granted the Globe’s request to exempt Murphy and Cullen from the list of witnesses who will be “sequestered” from the trial.

Not to be missed: This is one of many rulings that Bulger will have to accept from Judge Casper — which is rich, because Bulger is notorious for (among other things) his oft-stated contempt for women and African-Americans. Now, his fate is in the hands of someone who is both.

(A hat-tip to Margery Eagan, columnist for the Boston Herald, who made this point last night on the weekly public-TV media analysis show “Beat the Press.”)


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