Hey, Fuck-head: Go fuck yourself!

By Christopher B. Daly

That’s about the state of certain comments by certain people. This piece in today’s Times labors to try to make this sound new. As anyone knows who has gotten involved with a dispute on-line, the comments tend to go straight downhill. I’m not sure what that tells us — except maybe that it stands as confirmation that life really is like high school.

It brings to mind the original comment by the original blogger, Dave Winer. Early in his career as a founding blogger, Dave announced that he would not allow comments on his blog. His reason: If you have something to say, start your own damn blog! The web allows everyone to speak their mind. So there is absolutely no moral imperative to open your site to trolls.

Right here, on my own blog, I say (as we used to say at Medford High) to all trolls:

Ah, go fuck yourself!



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