Westminister dog show gets it wrong, again

By Christopher B. Daly

Well, they’ve done it again. The judges at the Westminster Kennel Club have chosen a silly, small breed of dog as this year’s “Best in Show.” They picked an “affenpinscher.” An affenpinscher? What is that? It sounds like some kind of

A silly small dog.

A silly small dog.

Austrian pastry, not a dog. 

Next time I’m in the Demel in Vienna, I will ask if I can have an affenpinscher. Mit schlag. 


To be taken seriously, a dog should at least be bigger than a cat. There is something seriously wrong when the judges could have picked a golden retriever and failed to do so. I am through with Westminster until they come to their senses and pick a golden (or at least a Lab or some other real dog).

Cody (a real dog) Photo by Fred Conrad/NYT

Cody (a real dog)
Photo by Fred Conrad/NYT


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3 responses to “Westminister dog show gets it wrong, again

  1. tfauls

    Agree. The dogs should be larger that the average cat. If I thought a large dog had a chance in this show, I might actually watch it.


    • They picked a Newfoundland as best in show in 2004. A Scottish Deerhound in 2011. Big dogs, but I am still waiting for a Retreiver to get it. I went to bed last night telling my husband “They picked a fru-fru dog again!”.


  2. Haley

    I totally agree. It made me sick that Cody didn’t even win in the sporting category.


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