Great photos from “the Roof of the World”

By Christopher B. Daly

Thanks to Matthieu Paley, a French photojournalist, we can sit in our warm homes and offices and see these amazing images from what is perhaps the most godforsaken corner of

Wakhan Corridor

Wakhan Corridor

Afghanistan. This is where, basically, if you felt the urge to walk from Afghanistan to China, you would have to go.

Thanks also to the NYTimes‘ valuable Lens blog, which is where the Times features a lot of its best visual journalism in photos, slides, and video.

Here’s the link.

[Two gripes: The Times should make it easier to find this stuff on its homepage.

The Times should stop blocking the copying of these images. (I realize that a lot of the contributors are not Times employees and that many of these projects are sponsored by someone else — such as, in this case, National Geographic. Still, in the long run, I think it’s more valuable to reach out than to keep out.)]

Oddly, the photos are readily available at the NatGeo site. So, thanks very much to NatGeo.

Here are two:






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