Washington Post downsizes

By Christopher B. Daly 

Seeing that the Washington Post is planning to sell its downtown D.C. headquarters, I guess I feel like a kid whose parents sell the old family home to move into a condo. It was such a thrill to go there for meetings when I was the paper’s New England correspondent during the 1990s. The Post was still printing money in those days, and there was a great feeling of energy and clout about the place. 

Actually, I remember my very first visit. I was seriously disappointed about the drab appearance of the exterior. It met the street like a cheap commercial building — all concrete and shadows. It made me wish that Mrs. Graham had struck a deal with I.M. Pei to design a headquarters in the shape of a typewriter!

Anyway, all things must pass. And I am sure that the Post offices in DC are more valuable as real estate than as a home for a shrinking workforce.


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