The power of story

by Christopher B. Daly

Narratives in the news:

–Here is a smart piece about why some of us are drawn to TV narratives like Downton and other shows with strong narratives.

–Here is a smart piece about the power of narrators (although I think there is a bit of confusion here between narrators and protagonists, which are not the same).

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One response to “The power of story

  1. Christopher Lovett

    Chris, Thanks so much for sending these along, especially Steve Almond’s article. I do see what you mean about ‘narrator’ vs. ‘protagonist’. Interestingly, Steve Almond, who is a local guy with his own blog alled The Rumpus, is the son of two psychoanalysts in California, and I always hear a background of attunement to the underlying story in his analysis of fiction, film or other cultural products. Hope you, Ann and the kids have a great 2013. Best, Chris Lovett


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