Abolish the NCAA (cont.)

By Christopher B. Daly 

Thanks, again, to the NYTimes‘ Joe Nocera for staying on the NCAA beat. (I almost wrote “the NCAA scandal beat,” but that would be superfluous.)

In today’s column, Nocera looks deeper into the economics of big-time college athletics.

One theme: how little net proceeds end up in college treasuries to support education.

Another theme: how little these schools care about the educations of their athletes. (For example, Maryland and Rutgers just joined the Big 10. I know: Rutgers? Anyway, one result is that Maryland will now play regular conference games against, inter alia, Michigan, which is about 1,000 miles away. What is the educational rationale for making those kids schlep around for regular games?)

A final theme: at the NCAA’s most athletically ambitious schools, the salaries of big-time coaches are totally out of whack.



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