Quote approval: Threat or menace?

By Christopher B. Daly

Now comes word that no less a journalist than the estimable Michael Lewis (of Moneyball and The Big Short) bowed to demands that he grant the White House approval over any quotes in exchange for some pretty unusual access to President Obama.

Although this is not a simple question, I believe it has a simple answer: don’t do it.

Journalists should help each other to stand firm against this pernicious practice.

Think about it this way: Everything always comes out eventually.

Accepting grounds rules like quote approval just corrupts journalism and gives readers another reason not to trust us.

In the latest case, Michael Lewis should have kept in mind that Obama needs him every bit as much as he needs Obama — maybe more. Sheesh.

Photo by Pete Souza (Official White House photographer -- and B.U. alum)

Photo by Pete Souza (Official White House photographer — and B.U. alum)


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