Inside the Meme Factory

By Chris Daly 

That’s the working title of my next book, which will document the history of the rise of the network of conservative think tanks and conservative news media in post-War America. Now that I have finished Covering America and launched it, I am eager to push ahead with the new book.

A perfect example of one of the major themes in “Inside the Meme Factory” appears in today’s Times on the front page. An article by Eric Lichtblau explores a dispute among the conservatives and libertarians who finance and run the Cato Institute.

Cato is a Washington think tank that lies near the heart of the conservative “intellectual-journalistic complex” that arose after WWII. The growth and activity of Cato and the American Enterprise Institute and others is a fascinating, largely untold story.

To be continued. . .


Industrialist Charles Koch (Mike Burley/Topeka Capital-Journal)

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