Fight Fiercely, Jeremy!

I know that I have called for the abolition of the NCAA, which provided the “sporting green” for Jeremy Lin to develop his hoop skills while an undergraduate at Harvard. But what’s done is done. He graduated, scrapped his way into the NBA, rode some pine, and now he is TEARING THE JOINT APART!


Last night, he out-played Kobe Bryant. How good can he get?


I am now officially on the bandwagon.

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One response to “Fight Fiercely, Jeremy!

  1. Carol Kozma

    I enjoy your enthusiasm in many of your pieces, especially how you tell readers how you relate to each piece. You want to be “a fly on the wall”, you’ve climbed aboard “the bandwagon” and you are very confused by the FCC. Yet, you also give relevant information throughout, and explain what is happening to the reader, walking him/her through each piece. Fun to read!


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