Inside the “meme” factory

By Chris Daly 

Kudos to the New York Times for this piece which looks behind the curtain of the Occupy movement. Not to denigrate the movement, but this kind of process pertains to most political movements. The article focuses on the role of Kalle Lasn, the Canadian editor of Adbusters magazine.

I was especially struck by the use of the “meme” idea (or meme). It will be the major focus of my next book, which is coming soon. The working title is:

INSIDE THE MEME FACTORY: The Rise of Conservative Media

The main idea is that the rise of conservative media in America after WWII was not an accident in the specific sense that it arose in tandem with a set of institutions (think tanks, mainly) that supplied the ideas, slogans, and “studies” — in other words, memes — that the conservative media could use to advance the conservative cause. I plan to focus on the semi-hidden history of this movement, which was actually quite intentional.

To be continued. . .






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