Leaks, cont.

By Chris Daly

Here is a reminder that when elected officials denounce “leaks” to the news media, what they are usually talking about are unauthorized leaks. Every elected official that I ever covered or researched used leaks when they considered them advantageous. When a leak occurred that proved disadvantageous, they usually denounced those disclosures as horrendous ethical breaches that threatened the integrity of government, blah, blah, blah…

In this case, there is an added bonus: seeing Cheney have to acknowledge that leaking is a tactic (not a matter of principle) and as a super-bonus, seeing Cheney out of the loop.

Plus, a hat-tip to Dave Ignatius.




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3 responses to “Leaks, cont.

  1. robert gillingham

    would you not love to know how much money Cheney and all made through Halliburton (and other places im sure) due to the war in Iraq. Old men start wars young men die in them. I read COBRA II a few years ago and it was amazing how little these people in charge of so much knew so little, except greed. I realise mistakes are made,look at the D-DAY invasion it was like nothing went as planned, but those were mistakes or poor fortune, not blatant disregard for fact or reason. On another note I hope you and Annie survived mother natures assault on MV.


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