Understanding the News

By Chris Daly

I heard a marvelous interview today by Terry Gross on her NPR show “Fresh Air.” She was interviewing Deb Amos, who is a veteran NPR reporter who has covered the U.S. invasion and occupation of Iraq.

NPR journalist

What struck me was first of all that Deb Amos is an unbelievably articulate person. Second, she was able to explain the conflict in a way that never comes through in daily reporting. I have certainly heard Amos reporting from Baghdad about this bombing or that one, this cabinet shuffle or protest. But none of those stories has added up — at least for me — to any real insight. Turns out, she is brimming with insight, context, history, you name it. But she needs a half hour with no breaking news going on to really share what she knows.

Be sure to listen.

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