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More news about the news

By Chris Daly

More news today about journalism.

~First, an update from the NYTimes about the harrowing captivity of four of its own journalists (including Tyler Hicks, a BU alum who will be the commencement speaker this spring at BU’s College of Communication — assuming he stays out of any further serious trouble). And thanks to Joe Klein, on today’s “Morning Joe” on MSNBC, for pointing out that when certain people (he mentioned Sarah Palin) whine about the “lame-stream media,” they should realize that they are disrespecting people who deserve better. 


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~Whither Glenn Beck? Who the heck knows?


~Thanks to Michael Miller for pointing this out, here are some interesting further thoughts on the NYTimes pay model (including bold assertions about the future) from John Gruber at Daring Fireball. (With a name like Daring Fireball, no wonder he’s so confident about his predictions…)


~A happy prospect: help-wanted from Talking Points Memo, which is seeking to fill a new position, that of associate editor for Washington news. Here’s the take-away:

Crackerjack news judgment, experience as an editor and deep familiarity with politics and political news are each a must. Competitive salary for qualified applicants; health care, three weeks annual vacation and 401k benefits provided.


Glad to see health care benefits being offered. Wonder what is meant by “competitive salary”. . .





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A Tea Party news nugget

By Chris Daly

Today’s New York Times features a story and charts on the findings of the latest Times/CBS News poll — this one about the demographics of the Tea Party movement.

One finding that caught my eye had to do with where Tea Party members get their news. No surprise, they get “most” of their news from Fox News. In fact, the preference for Fox News was the biggest skew in all the findings that I could find. Comparing Tea Party members to a category defined as “all adults” (is this like contrasting them to “normal Americans”?), there was a 40-point spread in news consumption. Even compared to Republicans, the Tea Party folks favor Fox over other news sources.

Maybe we should just call it the Fox Party.

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By Chris Daly

Thanks to the Washington Post, we now know this about Glenn Beck:

“Love him or hate him, Beck is a talented, often funny broadcaster, a recovering alcoholic with an unabashedly emotional style. Yet even that has caused grousing. Some staffers say they have watched rehearsals, on internal monitors, in which Beck has teared up or paused at the same moments as he later did during the show.”

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