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NPR budget cuts

By Chris Daly

So, Republicans have proposed cutting the budget for public broadcasting to zero. This is a perennial issue, as I have discussed before.

For my two cents, here goes: the amount of taxpayer funds as a fraction of the total of all PBS and NPR budgets is very small. Public broadcasting would be better off without it. They should send the check back to the Treasury today, and then they can tell Republicans how they really feel about them. That would take a club out of the hands of Republicans (who never liked public broadcasting from its inception late in the Johnson administration), and it would unite public broadcasting with the real source of its strength — the audience.

Rip off that band-aid, and I will double my annual pledge.



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New management

By Chris Daly

In Boston, we are lucky to have two NPR affiliates. One of them, WBUR (Full disclosure: the station’s broadcast license is held by Boston University’s trustees), just got a new general manager — Charlie Kravtez. He was the longtime head of news at New England Cable News, which bodes well. Universally respected, he seems like a good choice.

Best of luck to Kravetz and to ‘BUR.


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by Chris Daly

The Juan Williams affair has not only exploded throughout the blogosphere, it is already producing echoes. I will stipulate that it is entirely possible that there is nothing to add at this point. That said, I also observe that it is imperative for anyone who comments on the performance of news media to step up and say something about this episode.

So, here goes:

NPR should not wait in fear as Rep. DeMint and other Republicans sharpen their knives to cut the taxpayer-funded portion of NPR’s budget. Estimates of the size of that public subsidy vary, but they all fall within a range that NPR should be able to live without.

As a news organization, NPR should stop taking public funding, period.

In fact, NPR should have done so long ago.

The fact is, no news organization is worth anything unless it is in a position to tell other people — including especially the government — to buzz off. (Michael Kinsley has called this “fuck you” money.) Journalism cannot be done without independence. In the long run, NPR would be far better off by freeing itself from any taxpayer funding.

The company should probably change its name, too. They could save money in the transition if they just called themselves something like Non-Profit Radio, or NPR. Has a nice familiar ring to it.

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